(Saltillo Coahuila, México 1963)

Born in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico in 1963. With a strong interest in art, Aurora studied piano and classic guitar. Later on she continued with contemporary dance and photography always with an enormous need to explore the acrylic and oil world.

A passion for the rich and lively colors of her mexican culture and of the other Latin America countries where she has lived in the past 24 years -Brazil and Bolivia- has given her the trademark of her paintings and work.

The climate has had a denfinte influence in Aurora´s painting, as shown in her last abstract work collection entitled”Tones and Visions”, inspired in Sweden and its winter colors.  Works portray the blending of color hues and the classical music.

This is what has given her the most satisfaction and joy in her ways of expression.

Lives and works in Stockholm. I studied art in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Sweden.
For the moment my artwork is exposed in Alberto Misrachi galery at the Hotel Nikko Mexico City. My work has also been shown at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, the Art Gallery and the Ethnographic Musset in Stockholm, Galería Taller de Restauración de la Ex Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera. Guanajuato Patrimonio de la Humanidad AC Projekt “Conmemoración del Bicentenario de la Independencia de Mexico”, Galería de Culturas Latinas in Sao Paulo Brasil, the Escuela de Artes Bolivianas in La Paz, Bolivia and Museum del Normal Ismo a Saltillo , Mexico.

I have worked with Ideelt work of art for charity projects for various countries over the past 15 years. I have also participated in art auctions in Washington DC and in a collaboration between Colombia-Mexico where proceeds went to various women projects in Latin America.


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